‘The Punisher’ Hands Out More Fades Than A Barber In Latest Trailer

The Punisher

Source: Patrick Harbron / Patrick Harbron/Netflix

We’re less than 24 hours away from riding shotgun with Frank Castle on his latest violence filled adventure when Netflix debuts the 2nd season of Marvel’s The Punisher… which will likely be followed by a cancelation later on this weekend.

In the latest teaser trailer before it’s release we’re teased to a season in which Frank seems to find love only to experience the pain of loss once again while his old buddy turned enemy Billy Russo a.k.a. Jigsaw runs amok with a brand new gun toting gang. While the Punisher simply dragged his man’s face through broken glass last season, will he find it in himself to put him down for good this time around? Judging by the amount of knuckle sandwiches and sauceless shells he dishes out in the latest trailer, Russo might want to get his affairs in order.

We shall found out when The Punisher premieres on Friday (Jan. 18).

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