Takeoff’s Solo Debut Album Will Be Released Next Week

According to Billboard, Takeoff is set to release his solo debut album, The Last Rocket, on Friday, November 2. He revealed it at Quality Control listening party on Tuesday night at the Record Plant studios in Los Angeles, California. The release is a week away and we are sure to see promotion around town. It will be considered a 10-track album with help from the producer of the group’s DJ Durrel and Cassius Jay.

Quavo’s solo project, Quavo Huncho, is at the No. 2 spot according to Billboard charts. “The Bubblegum” rapper has plenty of hits off of his solo debut, and with the help of him, he has released snippets of tracks from Takeoff. All we need now is the ad libs King Offset with his solo debut. But for now, the group announced that they will be releasing their third album, Culture III, early next year.

“That’s how we always had worked, the previous Migos records,” Quavo stated in regards to their releases. “We always go to work on the first and then one person would be on the song and then we just make each other do homework. So now it’s just like we completing our own songs.”

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