Struggle Rapper Details How Hot Cheetos Sent Him to the Hospital

Lil Xan on TMZ

Source: screen cap / TMZ

Lil Xan claims that eating just a couple of bags of Hot Cheetos sent him to the hospital. The struggle rapper recently explained how he found himself in such a predicament. 

For those of you who care…

TMZ reports:

We got Xan Wednesday at Irving Plaza in NYC, where he told us exactly what happened when he landed in the back of an ambulance a couple days ago. He eventually laid blame on eating too many Hot Cheetos … calling it “one hell of a drug.”

A lot of people thought Xan was just trolling, but he assures he absolutely wasn’t. It’s kind of a wild story — one filled with Chile Limon, stomach aches, vomiting … and blood.

Despite the medical crisis, Xan’s still down to clown around with his fave snack. Watch what happens when he busts out a bag. Let’s just say he didn’t shy away.

Dude may want to see a specialist. Just saying.

Photo: TMZ

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