Soulja Boy Says Kanye West Ain’t S**t & Salutes Travis Scott: “He Took Tyga’s B*tch”

Soulja Boy

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy is on one right now. The hip-hop star has weighed-in on everything from his feud with Famous Dex and Tyga to why he deserves more respect than rap heavyweight Kanye West.

In new footage, SB credits himself for the music industry going digital and shared his thoughts on Travis Scott performing at next month’s Super Bowl LIII halftime show.

“I’m the hottest rapper in the game. I’m the only rapper to come out with his own video game console. Come on, man, yo Kanye West talking about he’s Walt Disney, man, come on n*gga. You ain’t sh*t. You came out with some tennis shoes. I came out with my own video game console. I’m Young Draco. I’m the first rapper to do that sh*t. I made a million dollars in a week. Come on man, stop playing with me. It’s just natural hustle in me – first rapper on YouTube, bro. I’m the reason why music is digital right now. Spotify, streams and Apple Music, I did that with ‘Crank Dat.’ … Super Bowl and Trump and politics should not be mixed. [Travis Scott’s] not making a mistake, I love Travis Scott. He took Tyga’s b*tch. I love Travis Scott. Tyga?!” (TMZ)

Yesterday, West Coast rapper Lil B shared his thoughts on SB clashing with fellow hip-hop artist Famous Dex.

A few hours prior, footage emerged of SB and Dex going in-in during an Instagram Live session.

The same day, Soulja Boy shared footage of Dex showing his past loyalty toward his rap foe’s Stacks On Deck brand.

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