Solo New York’s Laptop Backpacks & Tablet Cases: “Your Signature Look Awaits You!”

Do you hate stuffing all of your must-have’s into an undersized bookbag? Never able to avoid scratches and cracks on your tablet? Need to hit the books or work grind with an enhanced look?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should get your hands on Solo New York’s new fall tablet cases and laptop backpacks.

1. The Tablet Cases

The first reason you should check out what Solo New York has with its tablet cases is because of the wide selection and styles to choose from. Let’s face it – in 2018 you just can’t go out or even stay inside without keeping your favorite gadgets protected. Whether you’re notorious for grubbing while skilling the ‘net or must take your tablet out for gaming goals and movie-watching when you’re traveling, protection is super key. Fortunately, the folks at Solo New York have you covered – pun intended. Notably, the Thompson Slim Case is a great tablet protector if you have an iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 9.7 or iPad Air 1 and 2. Whatever your preference, the Thompson Slim Case is as GQ as it gets. Your entire cover is protected and has such a luxurious finish you’ll want to keep it around your desk. It will definitely get a ton of looks. There’s a magnetic cover to put your iPad to sleep and the magnetic flap closure really gives it a secure and snug feel. Forget having to take the iPad out of the case if you want to use the camera feature, you’re covered there too. If you’re the type who prefers a super GQ look and elegant appearance, this is a no-brainer.

2. The Vector Slim Series

The second reason you should get your hands on a Solo New York tablet cover is because of the Vector Slim series. These have a very rugged appearance and come with a great superior grip. If you’re pretty intense with your gaming goals, this is going to fit you perfect. Just like the Thompson tablet, this series has a magnetic cover to sleep and wake up your iPad Air and iPad Pro 9.7. The vinyl body alone gives it a unique feel. If you find yourself on the run more often than not, this is transportation-ready and can save the day.

3. The Solo New York Tablet Prices

The third reason you should check out the Solo New York tablets is because of the prices. Starting at $39.99, you just can’t go wrong with these. Not naming any names – Apple – trying to find a reasonably priced and secure case will run you a pretty penny and have you looking like every other Apple shopper. Think outside of the box and see what alternative styles catch your attention with Solo New York and their affordable prices. Of course there are higher-end styles but at a starting price of $39.99 and various styles to choose from, you really can’t go wrong.

4. The Backpacks

The fourth reason you should see what Solo New York is all about is because of their amazing backpacks. Having had a chance to fully engage and see what these bags are about, we’re blown away. The amount of compartments and secret spots on these bags make them very necessary if you’re big into storage. For once, there’s a bag capable of storing money, electronics, plugs, USB flash drives, side accessories and everything in-between in their own compartments. The Solo Altitude Backpack is ‘the’ most amazing backpack we’ve come across. We stored our iPads, laptops, iPhone and a ton – really a ton – of plugs in this bag and had a ton extra. If you want a book bag that’ll last you well over eight semesters, this is it!

5. Endless Selections

The fifth reason you should check out Solo New York is because of all the selections. It’s one thing to geek out over the backpacks and tablet covers, but when you go to the actual store website, you’ll be blown away by how many variations there are and there’s literally the perfect item for you on there. There are duffle bags, totes, briefcases, messenger bags and way more to choose from. If you’re looking for an identity at school and work, your signature touch awaits you!

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