So Appalled: Celebs React To Kanye West’s Coontastic Sit Down With Donald Trump

Celebs React To Kanye West's Head Scratching Sit Down With Donald Trump

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The world collectively became the blinking white man gif as we witnessed the meeting of two MAGA minds, Kanye West and Donald Trump yesterday (Oct/ 11). The fallout on social media was swift, and the tweets came in like the great flood.

Whether you believe Kanye is in need of serious help, or he is just using his big “freethinking” mind, the scene we witnessed in the Oval Office yesterday was shameful. West’s Resolute Desk pounding, expletive-spewing rant earned the Chicago rapper some strong reactions from celebs such as Diddy, T.I., Sinbad, Questlove as well as political figures and commentators who had to watch it.

While many argue we should ignore Kanye West, the case that we shouldn’t is strong. The man was in the Oval Office on national television spreading false, dangerous stereotypical ideas as facts about Black people and he needs to be corrected. We hope his wife and friends reel him in and get him the help he needs so desperately. You can see the reactions to Kanye West’s insane White House visit below.

Photo: Pool / Getty

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