Smoke Detector: Casanova 2X G Checks Soulja Boy For Screaming At A Woman [Video]

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Source: Bernard Smalls for iOne Digital / Bernard Smalls iOne Digital

Casanova 2X confronted Soulja Boy and his entourage after the rapper allegedly yelled at a woman. The incident reportedly occurred at Sirius XM and there is video of the convo. 

The Brooklyn rapper can be seen calmly telling Draco, “You screamed at a lady, you bugging the f**k out homie. You got sh*t all over your face. Are you bugging out? You high? You smacked? I understand, but you buggin’ out homie.”

SB copped pleas, saying he wasn’t high. Cas added, “I’m saying you high on weed. I’m not saying you on drugs.”

Semantics aside, Cas continued, “You don’t see how she ran out?”

But Big Draco kept copping pleas. “You don’t understand how they treat me, bro. If they females, they need to talk like females. Why she talkin’ like she gangsta?”

To this Cas asked SB, “What, you going to hit the female?”

SB said that would never happen. Casanova then used that same energy to get at SB’s security, noting that his body language made it seem like he wanted the smoke. He did not.

We’d be remiss not to mention that Casanova was indicted last year for allegedly assaulting a woman in an NYC diner.

Props for the G check, though. But someone tell both of these men to use “females” as an adjective, not as a noun. Trust us.

Watch cooler heads prevail below.

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Photo: Bernard Smalls



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