Rico Nasty Opens Up On Twitter About Racist Altercation

Words by Dylan Kemp

On Saturday night, Rico Nasty took to twitter to detail a racist interaction she had with a man over a parking spot. The 22-year-old rapper tweeted “Lmao racist people love being like “DID U THREATEN ME ILL CAWL THE COPZ”. A fan had asked her if she had been attacked racially, and that’s when Rico went on to tell her account what had happened.

She says the incident had occurred the following night and that she knew the man was racist when he started his tirade off by saying “you people”. She says that all of it was over a parking spot.

She went on to say how all she could think about were people who had lost their lives in situations like the one she was in. She hadn’t done anything to deserve a racist attack and almost brought herself to tears.

She concluded by thanking the people that were with her for not escalating the situation any further. She said that “niggas really could have spazzed.”

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