RCA Records is Reportedly Holding R. Kelly’s New Music

Following the release of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, many people have been trying to show their support for the victims by siding with them as opposed to taking R. Kelly’s side.

Chance The Rapper, Nick Cannon, Ne-Yo, and Tank are among the many people who vowed to stop supporting the disgraced singer. Chance and Nick even apologized for collaborating with the Pied Piper. However, RCA Records have been under fire for enabling Kells for years and it looks like they’re finally about to do something about it.

TMZ reports that RCA/Sony will not be financially supporting any of R. Kelly’s upcoming projects until the criminal investigation against him in Georgia is resolved. The “I Admit” singer has to complete two more albums under his deal but the label isn’t putting any money behind his music or videos.

The label could possibly be sued if they drop R. Kelly without any criminal charges to justify breaching the contract. On the other hand, they will be caught up in a public relations whirlwind if they release any of his music while the #MuteRKelly movement continues to grow.

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