Playing With Fire: Soulja Boy’s Latest “Sold Out” Sketchy Console Looks Awfully Familar

Soulja Boy Selling Fake PS Vita Consoles

Source: Santiago Felipe / Getty

Soulja Boy is currently trying to convince his “haters” he is not a crackhead but, he might have Sony breathing down his neck as well thanks to his latest sketchy console.

Tyga will be the least of his worries if he keeps this up.

Clearly, DeAndre Cortez Way hasn’t learned at all from having to “boss up” the last time after a publisher presumably slapped him with a cease and desist forcing him to stop selling those janky consoles. If you head to his SouljaWatch website, there is a console being sold that looks eerily similar to PlayStation’s portable unit the PS Vita.

The bootleg console which is mysteriously “sold out” now features the build of a Vita with the specs of PlayStation Portable aka PSP. The unit’s original price was $200 but is allegedly on “sale” for $100. So Sony could have already have reached out and put him on notice already.

Besides the consoles, the website also sells knockoff versions of AirPods called Soulja Pods for $19.76, a sketchy Apple Watch named the Soula Watch for $11.66, Bluetooth wireless headphones for $35.36 and a tablet for $164.64. Now we here at Hip-Hop Wired are not hating on the Black man at all, but we do want y’all to seriously do your research before spending money on these electronics.

You can currently watch Soula Boy try to salvage his confirmed dead relationship with Nia Riley on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.

Photo: Santiago Felipe / Getty

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