People Call For Boycott of Ryanair Flight & They Might Have A Point

Racism is still alive and well (damn… did I just say well) in the world.

Over the weekend, video footage has emerged all over the internet of a white passenger wildin’ out on an older Black lady on the European airline Ryanair.

Snapping like he had no good sense, someone this white man referring to someone’s mother as an “ugly Black bastard.” To add insult to injury, he refused to sit next to this woman and threatened to push her if she did not move.

What was his problem, the senior citizen (who has been identified as Delsie Gayle and who also has arthritis) did not move quick enough for him from her aisle seat so that he could sit near his window seat. When she tried to talk to him, he shut her down by saying “Don’t talk to me in a f**cking foreign language, you stupid, ugly cow.”

No one immediately stepped in from the airline to shut him down, causing the woman’s daughter and traveling to share with the media, “She’s been feeling really down and depressed, so I thought the trip would raise her spirits,” Mrs. Gayle’s daughter said. “The underlying reason behind the man’s abusive behavior comes down to the fact that my mum is a Black woman, and he didn’t want her sitting next to him – he says it in the video.”

In fact, she was actually asked to move her seat by a flight attended who (of course) heard nothing and the white man’s request was met. He then told all concerned about his well being, that he was “alright, now she’s gone.”

Please check out with Mrs. Gayle had to say about the incident:

Thank goodness for musician David Lawrence for recording it. He states “If that was another situation where that was a Black man doing that to an elderly white woman, they would have escorted him off the flight.”  He continues, “He probably would have ended up in a Spanish jail even today.”

This is what Ryanair airlines had to say:

People are not having it. Check out the following tweets from folk just as outraged as we are.

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