Tory Lanez & Joseline Hernandez Hit NSFW Territory W/ Topless Pic

Tory Lanez

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez and former reality TV star Joseline Hernandez have social media’s full attention. The “Love & Hip Hop” alumni went to Instagram this weekend with a coupled up pic.

On Sunday, Hernandez made fans’ jaws drop with a topless shot of herself and Tory.

Last month, Tory pulled through and appeared on-stage with one-time ex-rap rival Drake during a New York concert.

At last year’s 8th annual OVO Fest, Drake and Tory united in Toronto.

“I wanna say something. Look, I want every young person in this building to look at what’s happening – I want you to understand something. You see this guy right here? We had problems with each other, we had never even met each other, I met the man and he’s a great guy!”

Months prior, Troy confirmed ending a nasty feud with the 6 God.

“It’s about music at this point. It was a couple other things around it [other than a phone call] but it’s between me and him. I think for it to him the way it happened, it was meant to happen that way. For whatever the reasons around it were, it’s between me and him. I’m good.” (Hot 97)

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Campaigning their new album “Sound of 5th“, ¡MAYDAY! of Strange Music stop by our HQ and perform their single, “Run Up”.

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Cardi B Explains Offensive Facebook Posts But Internet Tries To Expose Her

Cardi B

New York rapper Cardi B is clearing the air. The hip-hop star has come forward to explain why offensive content made its way onto her former Facebook page.

Cardi went to Twitter Sunday (September 16) and blamed an ex-affiliate for putting up the unspecified posts.

B also went to Instagram and shared a personal direct message proving someone else ran her Facebook page.

Social media has since responded to Cardi’s remarks and shared her past controversial content.

On last Monday’s Queen Radio broadcast, rap rival Nicki Minaj exploded on Cardi and accused her of sending racist messages to a black woman on social media.

“Calling a dead child a monkey but telling people somebody talked about your child that nobody talked about your motherf*cking child so you can get some f*cking sympathy points?! Now we’re gonna get it in. Now we going to get into some things because I’m tired of people f*cking lying on me. So we gonna get into some things. You want to talk about stopping bags but there’s two innocent girls in the strip club right now that did nothing but go to the strip club and get money. Now they can’t get no money. Now who’s stopping bags? Because you got grown a** f*cking men showing up to where they at and where they work at. They can’t feed they kids. They can’t feed they f*cking family. They can’t feed they f*cking family because you mad at what another man sticking his d*ck inside of. You mad at a woman for what a man is doing!” (Queen Radio)

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50 Cent Promises This Is His “Last” Busta Rhymes Post: “Get The Strap”

50 Cent

New York rapper 50 Cent is d-o-n-e with his Busta Rhymes trolling – or at least after today. The hip-hop veteran has dropped his final meme aimed at the rap pioneer.

Fif went to Instagram (September 16) with a hilarious clip getting at Bussa Bus.

This week, Busta Rhymes went at 50 by poking fun at his past relationship with President Donald Trump.

50 Cent didn’t hold back and unloaded with some hard-hitting memes aimed at Busta.

Throughout the week, Busta and 50 ignited a must-see playful e-beef against one another’s physical appearances.

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G-Eazy Taunts Machine Gun Kelly With Eminem Throwback Photo

Let's talk about it.

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Drake Brings Out Meek Mill in Philadelphia

It’s litty again. After squashing their beef and uniting on stage in Boston last weekend, Drake once again brought out Meek Mill during his show in Philadelphia on Saturday night (Sept. 15).

The Dreamchasers MC surprised the hometown crowd during the latest stop on Drake and Migos“Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour” at the Wells Fargo Center. Drizzy introduced the “king of Philly” and played hype man as Meek performed his “Dreams and Nightmares” intro before the two hugged it out onstage.

Following their reunion in Boston on Sept. 8, Drake reflected on bringing closure to the feud. “This really gave me peace of mind tonight,” he wrote on Instagram. “Healing and moving forward created one of the most electric and gratifying moments of my career. @meekmill I’m happy that you are home and that we could find our way back to our joint purpose.”

Saturday’s concert was the first of two Philly shows on the “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour,” which returns to the Wells Fargo Center tonight before continuing to Nashville, Miami, New Orleans, and Dallas.

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Top 10 Alleyoop Dunks: 2018 NBA Season

Check out the top 10 alleyoop slams and jams from the 2018 NBA Season!

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Drake Is Not Banging An 18-Year-Old, We’re Pretty Sure

Drake Boy Meets World Tour - Auckland

Source: Dave Simpson / Getty

The rumor always lasts longer than the lie. So nah, Drake did not rent out an entire restaurant to go on a date with an 18-year-old. 

Instagram Photo

The woman in question’s name is model Bella Harris.

Reports TMZ:

Reports exploded Friday stating the rapper — who is currently on a massive tour with the Migos — took Bella Harris to RPM Italian Monday for a one-on-one dinner date. The reports also stated Drake brought Harris back to the restaurant the following night with some friends.

Sources close to Drake say the Harris story is total BS — Bella wasn’t even in town — and any report saying the two went on a date is false. There’s also a photo floating around of the two, but that was taken several years back.

Harris took to Instagram to set the record straight, she was kicking it in New York City for Fashion Week and wasn’t in DC.

So there’s that.

Instagram Photo


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Kanye West Really Turns To Chicago, Shares Footage Of His Childhood Crib, Kim Kardashian & More

Kanye West

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is keeping his Instagram hand working overtime. The hip-hop star has returned to IG with fresh content straight from his Chicago hometown.

Over the past few hours, Yeezy has shared footage of himself and family going to his childhood home.

Since reactivating his Instagram page this week, Kanye has primarily shared posts of sketches.

Back in February, Kanye pulled the plug on IG and terminated his account.

Mercurial mad genius Kanye West has already deleted his Instagram account again after an all-too-brief return to praise his wife Kim Kardashian (and several other high-profile celebrity couples) on Valentine’s Day. Kanye originally deleted his accounts around eight months ago while recovering from an onstage meltdown during his Saint Pablo tour. The resulting public backlash and physical exhaustion of the tour caused him to retreat from public life while earning him a lawsuit and a very angry reference on Jay-Z’s Grammy-nominated album, 4:44. (Uproxx)

A day prior, Kanye spent hours putting together pics some of the entertainment industry’s biggest current and former couples on his page.

He started with photos of Madonna and Sean Penn and Barack and Michelle Obama, and by the time he was finished, he had name-dropped Ellen DeGeneres, Sonny & Cher, John & Yoko, Dennis Rodman, David Bowie, Iman, JFK, Jackie O, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Serge Gainsbourg, Kid Rock, the dude from Sum 41, a fictional couple from “Sex & the City,” and so many others. The series ended, of course, with photos of West and his wife, Kim Kardashian West. He’s since deactivated his account once more.) (Pitchfork)

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Later: Lauryn Hill Removes Santigold & Nas From Miseducation Tour

Source: Way Out West Festival 2015 – Day 2 – Performances Featuring: Lauryn Hill Where: Gothenburg, Sweden When: 14 Aug 2015 Credit: Emelie Andersson/

Lauryn Hill is doing Lauryn Hill ish. In the latest drama, L Boogie has dropped Santigold and Nas from her tour, and didn’t really let people know about it, including the former. 

The Ms. Lauryn Hill The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill 20th Anniversary Tour was supposed to feature guests like the aforementioned as well as Dave Chapelle and SZA. However, the jig was up when a fan expressed disappointment that Santigold and Nas didn’t make the Portland date (Sept. 12).

Well, Santigold wasn’t about to be slandered and set the record straight that it wasn’t exactly her choice. “I’m sorry you paid to see us and we’re not there. That really bums me out. I’m also bummed that @MsLaurynHill and crew didn’t tell ppl why we’re not there. She took us off the bill,” tweeted Santigold.

Note that she @’d Ms. Hill, so the tea is scorching.

But there was more. She added, in response to another fan question: “Nope not sick. So sorry I wasn’t able to perform for you all. Note I saw from @MsLaurynHill Mgmt team read… “Due to production issues, The Miseducation 20th Anniversary Tour is unable to accommodate Santigold’s performance this evening.”

Oh word?

A day later (Sept. 14), Santigold shared she would no longer be on a number of dates, with only the cryptic “tour organizers’ decision” as an explanation.

The next date on the tour’s schedule is Sept. 18. at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Photo: Getty

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