Old Headass Tweets Have Twitter Debating About Canceling Brother Nature

Twitter reacts to Brother Nature's Old Racist Tweets

Source: Michael Bezjian / Getty

Those old headass tweets will always come back to haunt you. That is precisely what Kelvin Peña or as the world knows him as the viral sensation “Brother Nature” best known for his friendship with local deer found out this past weekend.

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The animal kingdom, as well as Twitter, was beside themselves when old racist, anti-Semitic and sexist tweets sent by the 20-year-old internet star when he was just a 12-year-old kid at the time resurfaced. As you can imagine the reaction to the terrible Tweets was swift prompting some folks to hit the cancel button on the nature-loving Peña.

As the Tweets calling for his canceling poured in with users suggesting we should just shift our focus to the already popular wildlife enthusiast @TheRealTarzann, Brother Nature did what any celebrity would do in a time of crisis and issue an apology using the notes app.

The impending cancellation has been put on hold with many refusing to kick Brother Nature to curb for his tweets citing his young age at the time. Whatever the case maybe this was definitely a lesson we are sure Peña has learned a valuable lesson from. Also aren’t people allowed to grow and change? However, you may feel about the situation the fallout did produce some hilarious reactions.

You can see those tweets for and against his Brother Nature’s canceling as well as the animal community’s reaction to the Tweet scandal below.

Photo: Michael Bezjian / Getty

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