New Music: Daniel Caesar – ‘Who Hurt You?’

Daniel Caesar is in love with a stripper on his new single “Who Hurt You?”

The Canadian crooner sings about Priscilla, a “tall, blonde wig beauty” who he falls for at Atlanta’s Follies strip club. “You make me feel so prevalent / That’s what I am / I’m just a man,” he sings on the Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett-produced track, which features additional vocals from T-Pain.

As part of the promo for the song, Caesar took out an ad on craigslist to track down Priscilla.

“You danced on me all night,” he writes in the “missed connections” section. “I threw about $3400. You said you liked my gap. You gave me your number but I lost my phone. I hope I find you.”

Listen to a lovestruck Caesar sing about his addiction.

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