New Birth Missionary Baptist Church ‘Redirects’ Kanye West’s Sizable Donation to Morris Brown After Trump Exaltation

When Kanye West ministered at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, the church received a lot of push back. Not only did the Black christian world throw shots at the mega-church (for being a star-studded mega-church),  but so did some celebrities.  Killer Mike and T.I. were some of those celebrities in the pews with less than glorious comments. The two felt that there was a level of money hungriness that leap higher than a the church mother’s Holy Ghost shout.

But Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant is here to say that the church is not all about money!

During that visit, and performance of his “Sunday Service,” Kanye West donated a sizable gift to the church the was not released to the public.  But after further thoughts, and Kanye’s continued support of President Donald Trump, Pastor Bryant (and his church administration) has decided to redirect the donation  from the church to Morris Brown College, within the Atlanta University Center.

Pastor Bryant made the announcement on Sunday during service and the further expounded on it on his social media.  Roland Martin captured his remarks and posted on his Unfiltered Daily Show.

The financial contribution will go to the Morris Brown’s scholarship fund, allocated for the English department, in honor of the Grammy Award-winning artist’s late mother Donda West. Mother West taught English at the institution.

According to, the college’s interim president, Kevin James shared with the fellowship on Sunday that on Friday, Oct. 10th, Morris Brown was approved as a  “higher learning institution by the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission” and will be moving swiftly towards accreditation.

James stated, “When you lose your accreditation, you close. But for some reason, for the past 17 years, Morris Brown College has been able to survive. We will be the first historically black college in history … since 1837 to actually come back and be fully accredited under these circumstances.”

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