Lil Xan Is Checking Into Rehab To Deal With Opioid Addiction

Lil Xan In Concert - Charlotte, NC

Source: Jeff Hahne / Getty

The opioid epidemic has officially touched the rap game as Lil Xan’s admitted that he has a problem with the prescription painkiller that’s responsible for the deaths of 115 Americans daily. Luckily for him and his legion of fans he’s recognized he has a problem and is willing to do something about it.

A week after admitting that he still struggles with drug addiction, the “Xanarchy” rapper spoke with TMZ and told them that he’s ready to get some professional help to save his life.

Even though he says he’s been “way worse” strung out on opioids in the past, he feels that he needs to check himself into rehab to get over that “last little like hump” and be done with his addiction for good. Speaking about how drug use took the life of his rap peers Lil Peep and Mac Miller, Xan told TMZ‘s Harvey Levin that he felt it was “time to get better.” Hopefully Lil Xan can get clean and stay that way for his sake.

Xan’s plan is to check into rehab next week so he can kick his habits and be fresh and clean enough to finish his tribute album to his man Mac Miller.

Check out Lil Xan’s interview with TMZ below and pray the young’n finds the will power to get over his drug habit once and for all.


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