Kodak Black Claims He’s Being Kept ‘Locked in a Bathroom’ in Prison Update

Kodak Black has been very vocal in recent weeks about the way he has been treated in prison. He’s accusing the institution of trying to slowly kill him by drugging and starving him. The Florida rapper also says he has been denied visits from his family on holiday.

For the aforementioned reasons and more, Black is filing to appeal his two and a half year prison sentence. About two weeks ago he was transferred to Kentucky penitentiary where he is expected to carry out the rest of his sentence. The rapper’s attorneys feel like this is an attempt to silence him.

“Right before I was going to meet with him, he was put on a bus to Kentucky. Was he intentionally moved so he couldn’t meet with his attorney?” his lawyer Ben Crump said in a Twitter post late Wednesday.

Kodak’s mother threatened to commit suicide if her son dies in custody. But her son assured that he’s trying to stay in “good spirits” on Twitter. However, he is still making claims that he’s being mistreated. “Ion Really See The Purpose Of Keepin A Nigga Locked In A Bathroom, Like A Nigga Got The Cooties Or Sumn,” tweeted Black. “Help Me Understand.”

But he ended off on a positive note. I’m Finna Get Off This Shit,” said the rapper. “The Way They Handling A Real One Is Real Sad, Nevertheless Unforgettable! But I Can Never Hold My Head Down, Ima Keep Rolling Like A Dam Fire Drill.”

Kodak Black is a very controversial rapper but if he is in fact guilty of a crime, the least he deserves is human decency as he does the time.

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