KI Back At It – “Destroy & Rebuild New Jersey” (Album)

From once featured on America’s Most Wanted for an armed robbery, to establishing a successful music label in his home city, “Destroy & Rebuild New Jersey”, is the new album by Jersey We Lit Records CEO, & East Coast rap veteran KI Back At It.

I’ve been working behind the scenes of the industry. Learning the ropes with everything from paperwork/business work, video editing, filming, online marketing, vocal recording, mixing, mastering and anything else related; and plan on being in full effect by the end of 2018. As Jersey artists, we’re known for sounding like others or sounding like street rappers, and it has never gotten us anywhere. My plans, with help from business-minded people, is to be the “Def Jam of New Jersey,” opening doors for NJ artists who want to sound different and connecting mainstream artists to small indie artists on collaborations.

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