Kevin Hart Still Facing $7 Million Lawsuit From Former Business Partner

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Kevin Hart and the sex tape and attempted extortion ordeal he went through in 2017 had far-reaching implications, sinking a deal between him and former business partner for an app they were developing. Stand Up Digital first filed suit last year against Hart, saying his extramarital affair tanked the app’s potential success to the tune of $7.2 and a judge recently dismissed the comedian’s request to have the case tossed.

The Blast reports:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a court order states that Hart’s former business partner, Stand Up Digital, has shown enough at the point to have their battle continue.

The judge did dismiss one claim, breach of contract, but ordered the remaining three counts against Hart to remain.

In their original lawsuit, Stand Up Digital claimed they entered into a deal with Hart and his partner, Wayne Brown, to launch a game called “Gold Ambush.” The game was to feature the comedian and his family as characters.

Stand Up claimed to have spent over $1.25 million on developing the game, which was set to launch in September 2017.

The outlet adds that when the explosive details of Hart’s cheating went public, the Gold Ambush app was doomed for failure. The company claims that Hart cut off all communication with them, thus sparking the lawsuit filing. Hart countersued, saying that the company has not provided accounting details on sales of the app thus withholding potential profits.

Hart also filed a response to the initial suit saying the period was a difficult time in his life and compared Stand Up Digital’s suit to the extortion attempt.

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