Kanye West Says He Customized MAGA Hat & Plays New Music

Kanye West

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West addressed the elephant in the room. The hip-hop veteran stepped forward today (September 27) to explain the motivation behind donning a now-customized Make America Great Again hat.

New footage surfaced Thursday from Yeezy’s stop at music publication The FADER where he discusses his hat and plays new music.

According to reports, the pic stems from Yeezy’s appearance at music publication The FADER’s office.

Can you support both Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick at the same time? Kanye West believes you can … The rapper rolled over to the offices at The Fader on Thursday in Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat … while wearing a sweatshirt with Kaep’s name spelled out across the chest. Is he making a point about how he can see both sides? Is he just out of clean laundry? (TMZ)

In mid-May, music veteran Lyor Cohen talked about Sean’s G.O.O.D. Music boss Kanye West posting a pic of himself donning a Make America Great Again hat.

“Isn’t that scuba for when you’re in the water and you’re all good?” he said. “We were [in Calabasas] because Kanye wanted to play us some music. I was on the way to the restroom and there was Lucian and Kanye was coming out, and he said, ‘Oh wow, we’re all together. Let’s take a photo.’ I thought he was going to take a photo and send it to Lucian and myself. I had no idea that he was going to put that on social media.” (Pitchfork)

Recently, West Coast rapper G-Eazy called out Kanye West for not answering a question about President Donald Trump‘s politics during a talk show appearance.

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