Joe Budden Calls Logic ‘One of the Worst Rappers to Ever Grace a Mic’

After making controversial comments about Nicki Minaj, Migos, and Eminem, Joe Budden has set his sights on a new target: Logic.

During the latest episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast” on Friday, the outspoken host slammed the Maryland MC. Budden and his co-hosts Rory and Mal were listening to “Twisted,” Logic’s new collaboration with French Montana, A$AP Rocky, and Juicy J. But Budden wasn’t able to hold back his disdain for Logic.

Logic, you are easily one of the worst rappers to ever grace a microphone, I’ma be honest with you,” he said. “I don’t know what they telling you at Def Jam. I know you sold a lot of records. I know you sell out a whole bunch of tours and I just know how successful you are. I have to be honest, you are horrible, man.”

Budden’s co-hosts didn’t agree and chalked it up to a bad verse (“I don’t like this verse, but he can rap”), while Joe doubled down on his sentiments. “He is really bad,” he said.

Logic, who is currently on his “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Tour,” has not responded to Budden’s comments.

The former Slaughterhouse MC has been outspoken about his peers in the past. He famously feuded with Migos at the BET Awards and recently went head-to-head with Nicki Minaj on her Queen Radio show after accusing her of lying.


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