Fight Night: Lakers vs Rockets Brawl Includes Rajon Rondo 2-Piecing Chris Paul, Twitter Reacts

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers

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Last night (Oct. 20), LeBron James’ home debut turned into fight night. The Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets got into a brawl, and Twitter loved every moment of it. 

It started when Brandon Ingram got called for fouling James Harden on a drive to the hoop. Ingram took offense to the Beard’s flailing (and he had been getting cooked all game), so he shoved the reigning MVP in the back, leading to a struggle standoff between the teams.

However, the real smoke was off to the side where the real action started between Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo.

We’re still not sure if Rondo did indeed spit in CP3’s face as the latter allegedly claimed. What we do know, is that after CP3 is seen putting his hands and finger in Rondo’s face, the former Celtic stung him with a 2-piece and a biscuit. Paul returned a blow in kind before players broke up the fight.

But not before Ingram came running in to throw some hands, too.

Both situations (spit, hands in face) lead to hands being laid (not that we’re condoning violence), just saying. Those are the rules.

Now word is, it was Melo who accidentally spit on Chris Paul. Bruh…

Oh yeah, the Rockets won. Peep the best twitter reacts in the gallery.

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