Fatherless Child: Bow Wow Says He Don’t Need JD No More!

Growing up Hip-Hop is more than just a show for some cast members. For an artist like Bow Wow it is real AF. Right before the rap community’s eyes, we’ve see him go through some of life’s most embarrassing growing pains. Literally, we all cringed when he started getting facial hair and talking stripper talk. Yes. Yes. Yes. We know he is from the “A” and e’ryone from the “A” talks stripper talk. But who really could do the comfortable switch from “Scream Tour Bow” to “Shad Moss?”  Even comedians like Steve Harvey joked about him during those years, “How that little boy handling Ciara… that’s a whole lot of woman!” It was weird for everyone.

Everyone except for his musical father: Jermaine Dupri.

From the outside (and even as played out on the other season of Growing Up Hip-Hop), Jermaine was a bedrock for Bow Wow. Let’s keep it all the way funky, even though Bow got his initial co-sign from Death Row (and yes, we know Bow you were going to be signed to them, we saw you photoshop image into the infamous Vibe cover), it was not until he got down with SoSo Def that we cared. No really. It was a musical transference from the Kris Kross boys to you. All the love we had for them came to you (RIP  Chris Kelly) and that was thanks to JD’s magic.

So when we see tweets like this:

and like this…

and this…

then this…

You have to wonder if he this is a publicity stunt that coincides with his storyline on the show (don’t act like we ain’t seen stunts from him before) or if this young man has bumped his head and really is believing his own hype.

Let’s go with the first option.

We hope that someone pulls the chain on the pup. It seems like at 31 despite having a successful career as a rapper, actor and 106 & Park influencer (yes that counts), he is still trying to establish himself as a man… but perhaps having tantrums and biting the hand that fed you is not the way.

Look at Bow and JD over the years and tell us that you don’t agree.

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