Faith Rodgers Claims R. Kelly Threatened Her With “Compromising Photos” If She Didn’t Drop Her Case

R. Kelly

Source: photo: WENN

For all those headass R. Kelly defenders whose argument revolves around the whole “why didn’t they come out sooner” malarkey, well, Faith Rodgers ordeal with the embattled singer might shed a little light on that.

In an interview with CBS In The Morning, the 21-year-old Rodgers spoke about how multi-platinum crooner tried to silence her when he sent her a letter threatening to publicly shame her with “compromising photos” as well as having“10 personal male witnesses testifying about her sex life” if she didn’t stop pursuing her court case against him.

But that didn’t keep Rodgers from continuing her case against Kelly which she filed last April for initiating nonconsensual sex acts and ultimately infecting her with genital herpes.

“It just validates the monster that he is, I realize that’s his defense. But his defense is only revealing his true colors,” Rodgers told the panel.

A lawyer for R. Kelly denied the allegation and told CBS that the letter was a “fake” stating that Kelly didn’t know how to read, write or type to have sent any letter. But wait, didn’t his ex-wife help him to learn how to read and write years back?

Check out the segment below and marvel at the fact that many people still haven’t canceled this monster out of their lives for good.

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