Ella Mai Addresses Rumored Sex Tape & Jacquees Drama: “This Is Ridiculous”

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R&B singer Ella Mai has cleared the air on the perceived drama between herself and fellow crooner Jacquees. The music newcomer addressed music executive Birdman‘s protégé having his cover of her “Trip” taken down from all streaming sites.

Despite the perception, Ella confirmed her record label took full charge of Jacquees’ version fade to black.

“I didn’t play any role,” Mai revealed when asked if she played a role in having Jacquees’ version taken down. “To be honest. I felt like my label made a statement and there’s not much else really to say about it. Honest. People are going to take it how they want. I don’t want people to think different than what the actual situation is but a lot of it is people don’t know the real ins and outs of the industry.” (Hot 97)

Mai also made sure to shut down recent speculation about appearing in a bogus leaked sex tape.

“Mustard is like, it’s not even like a business thing. That’s like my big brother. He really looks out for me. Anything that anyone does that’s going to try and badmouth me, he’s not having it. I somewhat laughed. This is ridiculous. You can clearly see it’s not me and people are just trying to drag anything into the air. It was that ridiculous. I think it was so ridiculous that I was like, ‘This is dumb.’” (Hot 97)

Last month, 10 Summers record label head Mustard addressed Ella Mai getting dragged into rumors about her having Jacquees’ remix removed from streaming sites.

A few weeks ago, Jacquees responded to reports about Ella taking down his ode.

The singer’s camp made sure to issue a statement this week regarding the drama.

“For the new people who are just catching up to who Jacquees is as an artist, this has become very controversial for no reason,” the statement begins. “We love Ella and are cool with her team as well. He has been releasing not only Quemix songs but entire projects with remixes of other artists’ songs ranging back to 2013. This was an act of genuine support and should not turn into negativity for either of the artist or from their supporters.” (Billboard)

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