Easy Fix: Sony Addresses Messaging Bug, Says It Has Resolved Issue

Sony Addresses Messaging Bug, Says It Has Resolved Issue

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Sony basically quelled all PlayStation 4 owners fears today about a messaging bug that was allegedly “bricking” consoles. 

We have been waiting for the company to address the issue and they did so via their PlayStation UK Twitter account. In the Tweet reply, the company informed worried PS4 owners that it “fixed the issue” and that the bug wasn’t bricking consoles but just “sending them into a crash loop” that could be “quickly fixed in under 5 minutes.”

What also stands out is the fact Sony addressed the issue without having to send out an update or firmware patch. So that basically means it was something on their end that had to be corrected. Definitely good news but this is definitely a good reason to keep your guard while gaming and making it your business to download the PlayStation App. Also, continue to play it safe by keeping your messaging privacy settings on “friends only” just in case.

Sony has yet to issue an official statement which could be taken as an indication to just how worried the company was about the messaging bug or if that they were already well aware of the bug and were on the job.

Photo: SOPA Images / Getty

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