DreamDoll Claims Nicki Minaj Tried to Have her Kicked Out of Radio Station

Nicki Minaj’s list of enemies now includes DreamDoll according to a recent interview the “Everything Nice” rapper did with Thisis50, published on Monday. The Bronx native alleges that Nicki tried to kick her out of Power 105.1’s radio station in New York.

The Bronx rapper explained that she was promoting her latest mixtape, Life in Plastic 2, when the “Barbie Dreams” rapper pulled up with a large group. Dreamy says she was enjoying walnut shrimp and chicken satay from the Flatiron District’s Jue Lan Club, so she entered the back room to continue eating in peace.

“When old girl came in there, there was some things that got back to me saying that we was told to get out the room,” DreamDoll said. “There was a call received saying that DreamDoll, that you know the reason why, [Power 105.1’s DJ] Self, you know the reason why, old girl don’t fuck with you. And the name that came out their mouth was DreamDoll and they said it three times.”

Dream says she never even met Nicki at the time, but speculates that the bad blood comes from her connection to Lil Kim, who was feature on LIP2 and has a long-standing feud with Minaj.

Additionally, Nicki recently dissed DJ Self, who owns Gwinnin Entertainment which is the label Dream is signed to. Either way, DreamDoll says she doesn’t have a problem with the Queen rapper. After all, they now have the same stylist and both be slaying to the Gods.

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