DC Young Fly Spits His Favorite Verse in Hip Hop | Thisis50 Verses

Thisis50 Verses DC Young Fly recites his favorite lyrics from T.I. Produced By: Jeremy Bettis (@jbettis420) Previously: Eminem | https://youtu.be/G6LuDuaJ5Ro 50 Cent | https://youtu.be/pOKCbErJsbc Cam’Ron | https://youtu.be/Id7Nz0RD62E Cardi B | https://youtu.be/J43G56r6Wts Tony Yayo | https://youtu.be/hD-nVFo1mRQ Cassidy | https://youtu.be/Ttjv-1fIVo8 Cyn Santana | https://youtu.be/XGzdNO-S1_4 G Herbo | https://youtu.be/HXbyPYqLVH0 PRODUCED BY | JEREMY BETTIS (@jbettis420)

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