Dave Chappelle Recalls How He Hilariously Clapped Back At King of R&Pee R. Kelly & His Goons

Dave Chappelle Recalls Story of Hilariously Clapping Back At R. Kelly

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We heard from Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neil Brennan about the time R. Kelly sent goons to confront Dave Chappelle. Now we get to listen to the story about the confrontation from the comedian himself and how he how he hilariously clapped back the king of R&Pee.

Chappelle opened up about the incident to crowded room during a standup set in West Hollywood, Wednesday night. With friend and Chappelle’s Show collaborator, Donnell Rawlings asking him to recall what happened the night R. Kelly approached him at a Common show in Chicago about the 2003 “Piss On You’ skit he responded:

“His [R. Kelly] goons bust in my room. I don’t know if it was his goons, but they sure did like him.”

In the TMZ shared clip Chappelle tells the crowd that R. Kelly asked him how “How you gonna do a video of me peeing on a b*tchh like that?” In the most Chappelle way possible he responded:

“How YOU gonna do a video of you peeing on a b*tch like that?”

Chappelle did share this story on his show back in 2003, but it’s still funny to hear it now. The skit is now the subject of debate and scrutiny as some people are making a claim it  “normalized” Kelly’s sick behavior. Do you think that is fair criticism? Let us know in the comment section below, and watch Dave retell the story in the video below.

Photo: Hollywood To You/Star Max / Getty

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