Cross King – “Cross King The Album” (Album Review)

What do you get when you mix good production, capable writing, and genuine creativity? Certainly not a lackluster project. Well, usually. Cross King’s latest album, “Cross King The Album,” has an enormous amount of potential, but just barely falls short of something great.

Before I begin the actual review, I have to put out a disclaimer: I do not personally condone the use of the “N-word” by anyone other than African Americans and therefore do not use it myself. However, I also understand that it is not my place to tell someone what they should or should not say, nor is it my responsibility to tell you how you should feel about the word- or any word for that matter. Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about “Cross King The Album.”

There are a number of things to love about this album. Cross King nails a lot of the categories that I scrutinize the most when reviewing underground projects. However, when there is . For instance, I am especially fond of multi syllabic rhyme schemes as they demonstrate a great deal of expertise when it comes to writing. Cross uses them quite a bit, however he also relies a little too heavily on repetition to flesh out his bars. Keep in mind, I’m not including his hooks when I say this, because hooks are allowed more lyrical liberties than verses, but there are numerous occasions when the same words or series of words are in back to back lines and used beyond thematic style but rather for filler. Likewise, the production of the album is fantastic, but some of the mixing is not. Cross has a very deep, low voice. So low, in fact, that his vocal clarity tanks in certain songs to the point where his lyrics essentially just seem like vowels and sharp ‘S’ sounds. I believe this is due impart to the equipment used in recording, but I could be wrong.

If there was one song that demonstrated everything worthwhile about the project, it would have to be “Boxing Lessons.” It’s got an infectious hook with good verses laid over a mellow but confident beat. The whole thing just sounds great.

As I stated previously, there are a lot of good things in “Cross King The Album,” it just needs some cleaning up to take it to the next level.

Rating: 6/10

Highlights: Production, Lyricism

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