Chief Keef’s Motion to Dismiss South Dakota Drug Charges Denied

Chief Keef tried to side-step some charges and trouble but a judge in South Dakota is not having it. The Chicago rapper filed a motion to dismiss a drug charge for himself stemming from a 2017 arrest, however, it was denied.

Keef was arrested at the airport in Sioux Falls, South Dakota when drugs were found in his bag. He was leaving the city after a performance. Sosa entered a plea of not guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession, edibles, and drug paraphernalia.

The edibles that Chief Keef possessed are filed as a controlled substance due to the THC infusion and not a direct plant material.

To battle that charge, Chief Keef’s attorneys stated the laws of the area were vague and citing they are not easily interpretable.

“It is difficult to imagine how a person of ordinary intelligence could review the referenced statutes and determine whether marijuana edibles are a ‘controlled substance’ instead of ‘marijuana,’” the defense said.

The charge of a controlled substance possession is a class 5 felony and could land Chief Keef with five years in prison and a fine of $10,000.


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