Chance the Rapper to Host and Perform on Saturday Night Live

Words by Dylan Kemp

To host or perform on Saturday Night Live means you’ve officially made it, you’re in the big leagues. But what if you were set to host and perform.

On October 12th, Saturday Night Live made the announcement via twitter that the Chicago emcee will be both the host and musical guest for SNL on October 26th.

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While this is his first time both hosting and as a musical guest, this is not Chance’s first time on SNL. His first appearance was back in 2016 when he performed his verse on Ultralight Beams alongside Kanye West and Kelly Price. His first time hosting was in 2017 with Eminem as the musical guest. And hey, third times the charm.

Chance is among very few rappers who have been selected to host SNL. Most notably, Drake has hosted and been the musical guest for the show twice this decade. Other rappers that have hosted SNL include Snoop Dogg, Queen Latifah, MC Hammer and Childish Gambino a.k.a Donald Glover.

On Sunday, Chance took to Twitter to share the news, while also tagging Drake, Donald Glover and MC Hammer


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