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Kanye West Goes On Coon Tour, Gives Tabletop Speech At DC Apple Store


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Kanye West and his MAGA-loving coon tour made a stop in Washington, D.C. in where he had an off-the-rails discussion with President Donald Trump that went absolutely nowhere. Not content with his showing out at the White House, Yeezy took him and his cute little red hate to a local Apple store to deliver a zany tabletop speech.

The Verge reports:

Though it’s unclear exactly what West was doing at the Apple Store — some local reports have him there for a Genius Bar appointment, but that remains unverified — he did proceed to stand on top of one of Apple’s signature wooden tables to deliver an impromptu “keynote.”

Jack Jenkins, a reporter for Religion News Service, was in attendance to capture the moment with his phone and share it on Twitter. Jenkins says West told the crowd an anecdote about having made a custom hat for Trump with an edited version of his signature “Make American Great Again” slogan, with the “again” cut out as it was disrespect to black Americans.

The whole scenario seems a bit surreal, and Jenkins says it concluded when West left the store, telling the crowd he was “going to Africa.” Nobody at the Apple Store appeared to have any prior knowledge of this event, or really any idea what had just transpired for that matter.

Check out the footage from Jack Jenkins below.

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CNN Panel Cracks Up At Kanye West’s Coon Campfire With President Trump


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News outlets looking for any reason to spin Kanye West‘s meeting with President Donald Trump as something important led to a hilarious moment last night (Oct. 10) on CNN. Former South Carolina state representative Bakari Sellers threw some shots at Token Yeezy’s visit with the Orange Overlord of Chaos, which caused fellow panelist Scott Jennings, who is white, to react with his eyebrows that had host Don Lemon cracking up.

Mediate reports:

A CNN panelist Tuesday night called Kanye West “the token Negro of the Trump Administration.”

The remark was as part of a discussion about the news that West will meet with Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday — a visit which comes after the rapper’s most recent shows of support for the president. CNN’s Don Lemon asked his panel — which featured liberal commentator Bakari Sellers, conservative commentator Tara Setmayer, and conservative commentator Scott Jennings — for their take on whether this lunch will be about policy or celebrity photo-ops.

The outlet points at Sellers saying, “Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read,” with Setmayer explaining to Jennings it was a reference to a Chris Rock joke. Setmayer then made a reference to Dave Chappelle’s racial draft skit in regards to West, which Jennings excitedly said he knew of as an apparent fan of the show.

Lemon gamely tried to hold his composure although he was less successful than some may have hoped.

Sellers has been catching some backlash online too, going toe-to-toe with fellow Trump broom pusher Candace Owens.

Watch the CNN clip below.

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Token Watch: Trump Says Lunch With Kanye West Will Help Get Him Black Male Voters

Donald Trump is scheduled to have lunch with Kanye West today (Oct. 11), and many critics of the move dismiss it as a blatant photo op for a President who really doesn’t care what his guest will have to say. Well actually, the Russian approved POTUS did say meeting with Yeezy will help him score African-American male votes. 

Yeah, he said it.

La Naranja called into Fox & Friends last night, and since we couldn’t be bothered to listen to the sure to be fact checked lies, we’ll let TMZ report:

Trump was on “Fox & Friends” Thursday AM and gushed about his African-American poll numbers, especially with guys, after Kanye doubled down on his support for the Prez. He repeated his claim that his poll numbers with African-American men soared when Kanye told the world — MAGA.

The President marveled at the power of Kanye West. It’s pretty ironic … the 2 celebs who have really stood out in terms of trying to influence voters in various ways are Kanye and Taylor Swift. They’re on opposite sides of the spectrum, but they both appear impactful.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out … a lunch with Kanye when the critical midterm elections are just a few weeks away may be more important to Trump than prison reform. That doesn’t mean Kanye has no shot at getting in his ear about prison reform and other issues, but get real … the main course of this lunch is the midterms.

Also worth noting, that polling bump Trump refers to was barely negligible when taken in proper context.

Although there are way too many shuffle foot Black men (and women) rocking with Trump for our tastes, the majority of the demo ain’t falling for the racist and sexist antics of the con man squatting in the White House.

Too bad Kanye West is looking like he’ll be one of the last people to spot the jig. Listen to Cheeto’s commentary below.


Kenan Thompson, Snoop, Captain America & Every One Else Dragging Sunken Soldier Kanye West

Kanye West is living his best troll life. After tripling down on his love of MAGA on Saturday Night Live, it has been a who’s who of celebs calling out Yeezy for his Sunken Place antics. 

Ye didn’t stop with his post-SNL show rant, he added fuel to the fire with a lousily worded 13th Amendment tweet that drew more slander.

So we figured it was only right we compile a list of all the people getting at Yeezy. Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But we also have the right to call a spade a spade, especially when West is essentially bigging up a racist doofus.

Yeah, shots.



Kanye West Turns In Struggle ‘SNL’ Performance, Drops Pro-Trump Rant

Saturday Night Live - Season 44

Source: NBC / Getty

Kanye West appeared to be returning to his old self after announcing a move back to his hometown of Chicago and preparing a new album for the masses. As a last-minute replacement musical act for SNL‘s 44th season opener, West turned in a performance many folks are criticizing while also rocking a MAGA hat and delivering a rant supporting President Donald Trump.

New York Post reports:

West, wearing a red “Make American Great Again” hat and the show’s cast standing behind him, launched into the screed off camera, but it was caught on video by comedian Chris Rock.

“I wanna cry right now, black man in America, supposed to keep what you’re feeling inside right now,” he sang as he paced the stage.

He continued: “The blacks want always Democrats you know it’s like the plan they did, to take the fathers out the home and put them on welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s a Democratic plan.”

Then he turned to his support of Trump.

“There’s so many times I talk to like a white person about this and they say, ‘How could you like Trump? He’s racist.’ Well, if I was concerned about racism I would’ve moved out of America a long time ago.”

West performed a bizarre “I Love It” set with Lil Pump, and “We Got Love” with Teyana Taylor before attempting to rock “Ghost Town” when SNL producers cut his set short. According to the reports, that’s when West launched into his rant.

You can see the rant in full below.

And if you must see the performances, check them out below.

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Bump In The Road: Michael Rapaport Sues Barstool Sports Over Herpes Claim

PaleyFest 12th Annual Fall Preview - 'Atypical' - Red Carpet

Source: FayesVision/ / WENN

Michael Rapaport is in the middle of some nasty mudslinging with a former employer and is now bringing a lawsuit over defamation claims. The actor says Barstool Sports put out a t-shirt insinuating he had herpes and wants unspecified damages for the jab.

TMZ Sports reports:

Michael Rapaport says that sore on his lip is NOT herpes — and now he’s suing Barstool Sports claiming the media outlet and its most famous staffers are defaming him.

Rapaport used to work with Barstool — in fact, he had a podcast on Barstool’s platform.

But, the two sides had a nasty breakup back in February after Rapaport referred to “Stoolies” as “losers in life.”

Barstool president Dave Portnoy told TMZ Sports at the time the move was not a publicity stunt — “To me, it was very personal. It was very real.”

Rapaport claims Barstool then embarked on a smear campaign against him — publicly claiming he suffered from herpes and creating a t-shirt (which they sold) highlighting a sore on Rap’s mouth.

In a statement to TMZ Sports, Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy said, “Michael Rapaport is a loser. There is nothing worse than somebody who claims to be the king of trash talk and then cries when people respond in kind.”

Welp, this is certainly a bumpy road.

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Lightskint L: Twitter Shoving Jesse Williams Out The Paint For Tasteless Meme Of Emmett Till’s Mom

Jesse Williams has lunch at Fred Segal

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Jesse Williams has a reputation of being one of the wokest actors in the game, but Black Twitter gathered like a swarm of bees after he made a huge gaffe. In promoting a film about the tragic death of Emmett Till that he’s set to direct, Williams posted an image of Mamie Till, Till’s mother, crying at his casket and tried to flip it into the recent Nike “Just Do It” ad style. 

Williams wrote in superimposed words “Believe In Something. Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything” in the spirit of the Colin Kaepernick ad. As expected, Twitter has been gathering Williams up as they should for implying Mamie Till put her son up for an offering to be murdered by racists pigs hellbent on believing what appeared to be a lie.

So, just to be open and honest about things, we’re here for this dragging. Please, not everything needs to be a meme, Black people. Do remember.

Check out the tweets of Jesse Williams effectively getting bombed on below.

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Won’t Miss You: Roseanne Barr Claims Spin-Off ‘The Conners’ Kills Off Character Via Opioid OD

'Roseanne' at Walt Disney Studios - Premiere

Source: Nicky Nelson/ / WENN

Roseanne Barr has been on a struggle tour of sorts after she went alt-Right nutty and let out some of her racist views online leading to her being ousted from her revived hit ABC show. In a recent interview, the controversial comedian claims the network is killing off her character via opioid overdose on the spinoff show, The Conners.

The Blast reports:

Barr appeared over the weekend on Brandon Straka’s YouTube show, “Walk Away,” and announced that Roseanne isn’t getting a gentle send-off.

“Oh ya, they killed her,” the comedian told Straka, adding, “They have her die of an opioid overdose.”

Barr says the real travesty is for the fans of the show and her character to see such a grisly end and she is upset that ABC had to “so cruelly insult the people who loved that family in that show.”

However, she admits, “There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s done. It’s over.”

The outlet adds that in the Roseanne reboot, her character was introduced to the audience as having an addiction to painkillers, leading to the alleged plot twist to move The Conners forward without her.

The new show makes its debut on ABC on OCt. 16.

Hit the 40-minute mark in the clip below to hear Barr speak on the alleged send-off.

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