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Gloria Govan Scores Legal Win After Judge Denies Full Custody Of Children To Matt Barnes

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In the ongoing and increasingly bitter legal battle between retired NBA player Matt Barnes and his ex-wife Gloria Govan, a judge has given the reality show actress a mild win. Barnes has been attempting to get full custody of their twin boys, but that request was denied in court.

The Blast reports:

Attorneys for Barnes were in court today and claimed that Govan has violated a restraining order that is supposed to keep her 100 yeards away from Matt or the kids, except when she has monitored visitations. Our sources say one of the violations — Barnes claims there were four — occurred last week when Gloria showed up for the kids’ football game.

To support his claim, Barnes claims to have photos of Govan with the kids at the football game in violation of the order. He also claims that Govan texted and called the kids on Sunday about the upcoming hearing, also in violation of the order.

Barnes was asking a judge to rule that Govan not be allowed to see the children until a hearing about restraining order takes place.

The judge in the matter said on Monday (Oct. 15) sided with Govan’s legal team in saying that Barnes didn’t have enough evidence to support the request. The former couple is due to meet once again this month in court.

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Damon Wayans Jr. & ‘Basketball Wives’ Aja Metoyer In Custody Battle

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Damon Wayans Jr. is currently in the middle of a custody battle with the daughter of his mother, Aja Metoyer, and she’s preparing to fight back. Wayans has requested primary custody of the pair’s two teen daughters, which Metoyer, who stars on Basketball Wives, says is a ploy for the actor to pay less in child support.

The Blast reports:

Sources close to Metoyer tell The Blast she’s lawyered up and is prepared to square off against Wayans, who is requesting primary physical custody of their teenage daughters. He claims Metoyer isn’t taking the kid’s education seriously, and believes she’s doing them harm.

However, Metoyer’s legal team tells us they find it “curious” Wayans is making a request for more custody right as he’s also launching a new “lucrative” primetime network show, “Happy Together.”

We’re told Metoyer and her legal team believe Wayans only wants more custody to avoid paying more in child support, because in California child support is commonly established based on the income of the highest earning parent and the percentage of custody they have.

Some might know that Metoyer is the mother of a son she gave birth to in 2013 with Dwyane Wade.

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