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It’s Not Easy Building An Empire: Ceaser Is Having The Worst Week Ever On ‘Black Ink Crew’

Ceaser and Oh Sh*t face off.

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The drama didn’t simmer down since the big brawl in the big easy last week when the Black Ink Crew gave a Herb a beat down for knocking Sky’s wig off. It gets even worse for the Ceaser as an old nemesis trolls him epically using his shop.

On the Last episode, Ceaser wasn’t too happy to learn his shops in NYC were closed because everyone decided to join him in New Orleans. To quickly rectify the situation they asked Bae who by the way who just had a baby to hold down the shop by herself. Bae reluctantly took on the task but was quickly overwhelmed and put out the call on social media (who does that?) for some help.

We learn immediately that Rich aka Oh Sh*t answered Bae’s call for help and he brought Puma along to help. Not thinking how bad of an idea this Young Bae allowed it to go on. Melody rolls up and sees an Art 2 Ink banner covering Black Inks awning and flips out. She helps Bae clean up any trace of Puma and Richard ever being there before Ceaser gets back in town.

This is Black Ink of course, and we already know Ceaser is going to find out somehow, someway. Ceaser gets back in town, and he is heated because he finds out Herb was a mole for another tattoo shop in New Orleans that was responsible for vandalizing the shop. Of course, Ceaser wants to have a conversation with Alex because he decided to hire Herb.

But to be fair to Alex, he had no clue he was a mole. The conversation with Alex and Ceaser gets very heated when the young tattoo artist lets Ceaser know he doesn’t care. Understandably so because he is dealing with his father, who is facing some serious health issues.

Still fuming about Alex, Ceaser flips over a couch and discovers an Art 2 Ink flyer from Richards and Puma’s party strategically placed under it. His rage hits another level and wants to know why his enemies were in his shop? Bae explains the whole situation but Ceaser is entirely over it, but at least she didn’t get fired in the process.

Finally calming down Ceaser is cleaning up the shop when he hears someone enters. He goes into the next room and discovers Richard taking paintings that he feels belongs to him. The two of them exchange words and things get physical, and security has to separate the former friends. Oh Sh*t tearfully lets Ceaser know how hurt he is but he just can’t over the fact the man he once considered his brother decided to go work his enemy.

Well, Ceaser is learning quickly when trying to build an empire these are the things you are going to have to deal with. You hit the gallery for the reactions to last night’s episode below.

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Sky & Ceaser Of ‘Black Ink Crew’ Sued For Allegedly Turning Rental Home Into Sex Pad

Sky Days - Black Ink Crew

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Sky and Ceasar of Black Ink Crew are embroiled in a legal battle over allegedly turning their down south rental home into a wild sex pad. According to the home’s landlord, Sky violated terms of her lease agreement by having Ceasar in the home and for filming scenes there as well.

TMZ reports:

Hussein Abdelhadi is suing Jakeita Days — aka “Sky” and manager of the Atlanta tattoo shop featured on the show — along with Ceaser Emanuel — who owns the joint — claiming Sky broke her lease by filming scenes at the ATL crib.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Abdelhadi claims his lease specifically says his rental house is for residential purposes only. He also says Sky was the only one allowed to stay there under the terms of the lease and screwed up letting Emanuel also live there.

What’s got Abdelhadi even more pissed off is Sky essentially allowed Emanuel to use the crib as a motel to not only stay there but also bang chicks. Abdelhadi says he’s haunted “by images of the property being used as a house of ill repute” after the show aired.

The homeowner said he intended to move back into the home with his family but says that the alleged happenings in the home have made living there an unfit choice. The homeowner also named Viacom in his lawsuit.

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Fades & Tats: Sky Got Wig Knocked Off By Herb, Black Ink Crew Forms Like Voltron & Beats The Brakes Off Him

Twitter Reacts To Sky Getting Her Wig Knocked off On Black Ink Crew

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The new season of Black Ink Crew is still in its infancy, but the drama is already on ten. Sky is known for wanting all the smoke, but she definitely met her match in Herb, a tattoo artist from New Orleans hired to work in Ceaser’s new Black Ink shop in Nola.

Ceaser is currently trying to expand his “empire” by bringing his tattoo parlor franchise to the Big Easy.  Things seemed to be going smoothly but this is Black Ink we are talking about, and his subordinates don’t make his life any easier. Which brings us to Sky, who is definitely wearing out her welcome in the city of New Orleans. The Black Ink OG got into it with a local bartender she hired to work at the shop’s launch party and also her relationship with Herb instantly got off on the wrong foot when she didn’t take too kindly to him asking who she was?

From then on, Sky’s antennas were up because she was not feeling the local tattoo artist after she thought he disrespected her. Herb to his credit tried to extend some sort of olive branch to Sky, but she was not with it telling him to go away so she can talk about him when he was not around. He insisted that she should say what she had to say about him to his face and called her fake. Things went 0 to 100 real quick with Sky hitting Herb in the face when he told her bodywork was terrible.

Herb was not the one though and swung back catching Sky in the face knocking her wig off. Her Black Ink brothers led by Ceaser quickly run down the New Orleans native and give him an NYC style beatdown. Now we do not condone men putting their hands on women, BUT Sky was also wrong for hitting a man she doesn’t know at all either.

Twitter, of course, had some thoughts on the whole situation with some believing the Sky or Herb was dead wrong or in some cases both of them. Regardless Sky learned locals of New Orleans don’t play. You can see the fallout from the fight in the gallery below.

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