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LFD (Left For Dead) – “Dying For Faith (Shoot ’em Up)” Ft. Ariano

Taking a stand to speak out on the endless tragedies stemming from rampant gun violence in America, LFD (Left For Dead) aka Capitol I-Man from the famed Long Beach duo, Tha Mexakinz, releases a new single featuring Ariano, “Dying For Faith (Shoot ‘Em Up)“.

Ariano – “Never Been Underground Enough”

As veteran SoCal based Hip Hop artist Ariano prepares us for his upcoming EP, Wherever You Go, There You Are, he releases out an unfiltered and introspective look at the course of his career while striving to stay true to himself in an industry hellbent on finding the next disposable hottest thing with a powerful one-off, standalone single, “Never Been Underground Enough.”