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Kanye West Weirdly Capes For A$AP Bari & XXXTentacion

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Kanye West was just on his freedom tour from the “sunken place” but it seems like he’s quite determined to crawl back to his old ways. In a weird Instagram post, Yeezy capes for A$AP Bari and XXXTentacion by saying he bailed on them when they had some unsavory heat on their back.

From Kanye West’s IG page:

there’s no way I would have the number 1 record in the world without this man here. He broke me out of my pretentious rich nigga shell. Bari challenged me when no one else did and when he got in trouble I was scared to say he was my friend just like I did with xxx and that was some pussy shit on my part. I let the perception and the robots control me. That’s the true sunken place. Bari I appreciate your perspective and vision. You brought me closer to Rocky too. Jedis never let perception and cancel culture get between them.

The image for the caption is a screenshot of West and Bari on FaceTime. Some might remember that Bari was facing sexual assault charges in a case in London, and had a matter tossed out of court in Los Angeles this past August. The late XXXTentacion was also dogged by allegations of assault and domestic violence, much of which had never been fully addressed up until his murder earlier this year.

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Kanye West Stands Up For A$AP Bari Amid Sexual Assault Allegations: “I Was Scared To Say He Was My Friend & That Was Some P***y S**t”

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Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is standing up for A$AP Bari. The hip-hop superstar has credited the A$AP Mob group member amid publicized sexual assault accusations.

Yeezy went to Instagram last night (September 26) to share a FaceTime session with Bari and express how much he loves him.

A few months ago, Bari sparked headlines after getting arrested on sexual assault charges.

Bari was arrested during a layover in London’s Heathrow Airport back in May for sexual assault charges that stemmed back to July 2017. In August, the A$AP Mob co-founder counter-sued his accuser, claiming defamation. (The FADER)

A few days ago, Atlanta rapper Young Thug told Kanye he had to land a spot on his upcoming Yandhi album.

On Sunday, Yeezy pulled through to throw the first pitch at a White Sox home game.

The rapper, wearing a White Sox jersey, came out on the Guaranteed Rate Field diamond with Saint on his shoulders as the stadium’s speakers blared his 2007 track “Homecoming.” After removing Saint – who also tossed a ball from the pitchers’ mound – from his shoulders, West sent his first pitch in the vicinity of the waiting catcher, but the baseball fell short of reaching home plate. (Rolling Stone)

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