Buddy Becomes The Robin Hood Of Compton In Another Great Music Video

Simmie Sims III, aka Buddy, is a Compton, California MC with one of 2018’s best albums under his belt. An artist who worked with Pharrell, DJ Quik, Snoop Dogg, and Suga Free early in his career, he is now an especially bright spot on RCA Records’ roster. Buddy has only released one full-length to date with 2018’s Harlan & Alondra. A cohesive blend of genre and personal reflection, the LP

After releasing three singles and the music video for “Trouble On Central,” in promotion of his debut album, the 25-year-old MC/singer reveals yet another page to add to his catalog with visuals for the Guapdad 4000 assisted cut, “Shameless.”

Buddy Is A Potent Example Of Why West Coast Hip-Hop Is Still So Great (Video)

The video itself features Buddy and his sidekick Zini working as a counter clerk and a cashier at a convenience store while Guapdad 4000 and his cronies look to cause trouble by stealing food from the back of the store, or so it seems at first. Settled over a wet and wavy West Coast production from Mike & Keys and Jake One, Buddy raps about ballin’ without a budget, becoming both the host, the party, and the soundtrack to an all out hometown celebration. While the video follows these meat mugging MC’s as they ball out on the court and all the way up into outer space, the viewer realizes that Buddy and the gang become modern day Robin Hoods as he and Guapdad open up the back of a truck and give away their spoils back to the community that raised them.

Buddy raps, “Countin’ my money in hundreds / Trackin’ my money to double / Poppin’ all around the bubble / I’m ’bout to fly out to London / I’m wylin’ all out in public / I need my pay in advance / Amsterdam with me and my friends / Then I might head out to France / I got a b*tch in Berlin / Get paid, set trends / Matsuhisa on a hump day / Jon & Vinny’s on a lunch date / I need Jordyn Woods on my dinner plate / In the game and I’m makin’ plays (damn) / Made a millie before I dropped the tape / Twenty K before I hit the stage / Ni**as only live one way / Shameless, shameless.”

Buddy – You Good ft DJ Quik & Suga Free (Audio)

Last year, Guapdad 4000 released Scamboy Color.

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