Benzino Recalls His Beef with Eminem, Says He Was in a “Dark Place”

Benzino is back and made a visit to Drink Champs with Noreaga and the conversation, of course, would go to the storied beef with Eminem.

Within the discussion, Benzino spoke on his battle with Shady Records, before detailing how he used his status at The Source to help his beef.

“The only time I gave myself the mics was the Eminem situation,” he says. “It was me against the staff, me against everybody. At that point, it was just fuck everybody. I was in a dark place where I felt like ‘I’m standing for something that’s right.’ I felt like nobody backed me.

“My thing is hip-hop is the only thing that made white people come to the culture, buy into the culture, spend money, and also interact with the culture through hip-hop…I felt like once they get a white rapper and make it so white people want to buy him, they fuck with that balance. Cause now white people will just fuck with him cause of his skin color. Before they had to fuck with us cause of the music.”

Adding on to his critique of the Hip-Hop icon, Benzino says “He came in, there was a whole demographic of white people who just ain’t f*ckin with ni**as, period. I don’t give a f*ck. Those are the guys who’d vote Donald Trump.”

Benzino would go on to state that Eminem “is not in the culture that I’m from” and would also state that it is not a bad thing but there were not a lot of Black people in Shady’s home are.

You can check out the full conversation below.

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