Ashanti Forced To Cancel Show After Selling Just 24 Tickets, 50 Cent Reacts

Source: New York Premiere of Grown Up’s 2 at AMC Loews Lincoln Square Featuring: Ashanti Where: NY, NY, United States When: 11 Jul 2013 Credit: Dan Jackman/ 

In her heyday Ashanti was one of the music game’s top R&B singers whose songs and features were in constant rotation and videos were all over countdowns. Now the former first lady of Murder Inc. can barely fill a city bus to one of her shows, allegedly.

Bossip is reporting that Ashanti had to cancel an upcoming concert at Stony Brook University after selling a whopping 24 tickets to the event. Y’all read that right. Two. Four. We mean that’s a nice round number but for an artist who has 3.8 million followers on Instagram and another 1.9 fans on Twitter, that’s pretty f-ing embarrassing. Still though this really shouldn’t fall on the “Happy” singer as the concert was originally headlined by G.O.O.D. Music artist Teyana Taylor who pulled out of the gig two weeks ago. That left little to no time for them to promote Ashanti as the new headliner.

Knowing that they’d be better off having Ashanti perform in a small classroom, the university pulled the plug on the concert and released this statement.

As an organization, we do our best to host programs for students while providing diversity and inclusion. However, we have struggled to execute certain aspects. With only a week before the concert, only 24 tickets were sold to students.

But the situation still wouldn’t be complete without hearing from the man who single handedly dismantled the Murder Inc. regime, 50 Cent. Taking to Instagram to throw some salt in the wound, Fiddy of course mocked Ashanti’s situation while clowning Ja Rule and the few dozen people who copped tickets to the doomed event.

Check out the posts below and remember not to laugh at other people’s embarrassments.

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