Amber Rose Says She Tried To Sell Crack When She Was Living In South Philly

Amber Rose hosts 'Chocolate Rose' auditions

Source: DJDM/ / WENN

Amber Rose is known for many things, from her relationships with some of the culture’s biggest celebrities to being the founder of her controversial SlutWalk. But recently the Philadelphia bombshell revealed something not many people knew about her past.

During an interview with Van Lanthan on The Red Pill Podcast, Rose admitted to having sold crack as a teenager when she was going through the motions. Well, she tried to sell it anyway. The neighborhood block huggers talked her out of it and let her work the kitchen instead.

“I tried selling drugs. I tried selling crack in my neighborhood,” Amber Rose said. “They [the drug dealers] said I was gonna get robbed, I was a girl and I was too pretty and it wasn’t gonna happen. So what i did, I would bag it up for them. I would weigh it and I would bag up the crack rocks for them and they would throw me some money.”

Goes without saying that Amber Rose would’ve been the hottest crack dealer to have ever lived, but luckily for her she didn’t get too caught up in that lifestyle and made something of herself going an entirely different route.

Check out her revelation below.

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