_P_ – “Palo Santo”

New single by rising Hip Hop artist _P_ titled “Palo Santo“.

Teaming up once again with iREZ on the mix, _P_ joins forces for the first time with Italian producer MadReal on “Palo Santo,” a slowed down, bass-heavy track backed by ethereal strings which sets the stage for _P_ to introduce us to his new persona and outlook on life. “Palo Santo,” titled after a tree by the same name, sees _P_ rapping from a place of personal enlightenment and self realization. Translated to “holy wood”, the smoke from burned Palo Santo twigs is believed to have spiritually purifying, negative energy cleansing and positive energy attraction qualities. _P_ uses this meaning both figuratively and literally in “Palo Santo,” inviting listeners into his inner psyche.

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