7 Things We Learned from Jimmy Fallon on The Breakfast Club

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Before Jimmy Fallon caught the wrath of the internet and the backlash that came with him humanizing then Presidential candidate Donald Trump he was one of the most beloved late night hosts on television and seemed destined to reign supreme for decades to come. Then he rubbed the hair of the current nationalist-in-chief and it all went to hell like our current social-political environment.

It’s taken a while but Jimmy’s back in everyone’s good graces (for the most part) and hoping that his past political hiccup gets left in the past once and for all. Today The Tonight Show host checked into The Breakfast Club for the first time in his career and aside from denying being a culture vulture (he’s been a Hip-Hop lover since the 80’s) he spoke about his rumored alcoholism, how he got The Roots to be his house band, and of course, Donald Trump.

Here are the 7 things we learned from Jimmy Fallon on The Breakfast Club.


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1. The OG

Jimmy admits that he’s never been to The Olive Garden because “why would I go to a fake Italian restaurant?” It wasn’t until he did a bid with Post Malone at one that he finally went to one.

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