40 Glocc Tries To Expose Wack 100 Calling Out Game On Secret Recording: “Gayme A B*tch”

40 Glocc

West Coast rapper 40 Glocc might just never have any love for rap rival Game or Wack 100. The hip-hop artist has hit up social media to try to expose Game’s manager calling out his street credentials.

40 went to Instagram last night (October 17) with an alleged audio recording of Wack name-dropping Game.

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Told u niggaz @wack100 be always saying that GAYME a bitch.. & ain't got no time in these streets 😂 nothing new to my ears… I just never recorded him saying it…. I'M THE ONE HOOKED HIM UP WITH GAYME BCUZ THEY BEGGED ME TO GIVE HIM A PASS SO HE CAN OWE HIM FROM HIM SAVING GAYME FROM ME & MY HOMIEZ FROM FUCKING HIM UP ON SUNSET WHEN I SAT ON HIS BENTLEY & SPIT ON IT IN FRONT OF HIM.. 😅. . Both of Them niggaz is 100% hoez & @wack 100% got diarrhea💩 at the mouth that Busta ass nigga talk too much! & not catching no fade or shooting no shots.. them niggaz hire security & police for protection & only attend events where police at.. JUST WAIT PATIENTLY & CATCH HIS ASS ONE DAY AT WALMART OR SOMEWHERE SHOPPING RUN UP & BEAT HIS BITCH AZZ.. UP.. 😉 LIKE THAT DAY I CAUGHT GAYME REAL MANAGER TAYDOE"💥👊💥 & BEAT HIS ASS @WACK100 CALLED ME & THANKED ME & TOLD ME I DID HIM A FAVOR & GOT HIM OUT THE WAY.. AS GAYME MANAGER.. BCUZ HE DIDNT WANT TO BE A PART OF THEY VIOLENCE I BROUGHT TO HIM..& THEY ALL LIED & PRETENDED IT NEVER HAPPENED TO THE WORLD!! 😂💥💯 🔵 🔴 #FAKEASSBLOOD #BUSTASHIT #BUSTAZ #ThemNiggazThePolice

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Last year, buzz developed about Glocc wanting Game to cough up big bucks owed to him over a 2012 attack.

40 Glocc just filed a lawsuit against Game, seeking more than $200k he says he’s owed. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, 40 says he won the dough back in November 2016 in a previous lawsuit he’d filed over a 2012 beatdown Game handed him. TMZ got a video of the fight. 40 says the original judgment was for $196,335.15 — however, because Game’s been dragging his feet … with interest, he now owes $216,775.52. (TMZ)

In summer 2017, the hip-hop artist reflected on nearly dying after getting shot multiple times at a funeral service.


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